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Hello and nice to meet you!

Melanie Rae, Chief Learning Designer

Founder, Guided Business Plan

We offer: 
-GUIDED Business Plan™ books
-Entrepreneur education training package
-Instructional design consulting

Founder, Plan with Peers

We offer: 
-Supplier Diversity vendor training programs
-ESG-related workshops and speaking
-Employee Business Resource Group workshops
-Contractor academies for public works projects

Melanie was the keynote speaker for the California Cable Consortium's annual event held virtually. 

Speaking examples
Melanie has taught more than 1,100 classes primarily as a software trainer and then business development. 

Melanie designed and taught WBEC-Pacific's WE-Xcel phenomenally successful cohort.

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in WE-Xcel, an intimate two-month cohort of Black WBEs designed to increase our earning capability. It has been absolutely stellar! In addition to being a wealth of knowledge and super-connector, she has a knack for providing just in time, direct, actionable feedback to enhance our pitch and capabilities statements. - Kristin Harper, Driven to Succeed

60-Sec Video Training
We coached the following business owners to expedite buyer/vendor introductions
Bridgette, Reed Media Solutions
A Fortune 50 requested a meeting immediately after viewing her Intro during our Vendor Showcase.

Dezz Mardigan
Mardigan Executive, LLC

Dezz showcases her personality and capabilities

Vanessa Chatelain, 
The Resilience ToolBox

Her clear message intrigued an entertainment empire

Bernée Long
GENersection, LLC

We coached Bernee who took it to another level

Kristen Harper
Driven to Succeed LLC

We coached a former Fortune 500 marketing exec.

Talia Boone
Postal Petals

Talia spent months in our coaching program

Teresa Phelps
The Restoration Shoppe

She transformed during our cohort to believe in her offer

Elizabeth Choto
Graze Dat! Charcuterie

She landed a contract immediately 

Karen Scott
KNS Industrial Supplies

We coached Karen, a retired U.S. Army military officer

"I am excited to send my video business pitch to potential customers because I know the response will be positive.  Melanie will make your pitch perfect! She is genuine, flexible and a consummate professional. "  Karen, retired Army, KNS Industrial Supplies

Digital Worksheets
We have been featured in several California Water Association's Supplier Diversity reports for our work on the following programs:
  • CWA Meet the Primes (set attendance records)
  • CWA W.A.T.E.R. (year long cohort)
  • CWA RISE (for affinity groups - we have an amazing success story)
  • ​Internal Supplier Diversity Champions Manual
  • ​​​Internal Supplier Diversity Champions Manual
  • ​Annual report content and design
  • ​Conservation webinar support
We create an evergreen platform where Primes and Subs can connect on an ongoing basis regardless of how many Subs participate in the program.

Participant Feedback

"Well, I think she said it all. But I feel like, I learned how to really target the pitches to the water companies, and Melanie did a great job in terms of just kind of leading us and saying, 'well, I think you can do a little bit better, I think you can make it a little bit more focused', you know. To really kind of get us to think how you know, we come in the door with, here's how we can help you. And that, to me was very important, because I don't think I would have tailored it to such an extent. So I just appreciate the guidance and and all the help from all the supplier diversity, people who kind of been you know, gave us better tips, you need to ask this, you need to, you need to tailor it, you need to look at our annual reports. So for me, it was it was just invaluable. And I just really appreciate. Thank you."

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to Melanie and her Guided Plans team. This CWA RISE program was not just about sitting and listening to three weeks of lectures, every session, there was a deliverable that we took home that we were able to tailor to water utility companies, and also using the futures for our business."

"I'd love to jump in to say how much I really enjoyed and appreciated the information, the quality of tools, and access that we had into being able to speak to people who are going to be looking at our proposals, the help with the Capability Statement, I've been longing for these kinds of tools. I just was absolutely amazed at the quality of this particular program. And I really appreciate it. So thank you so much, Melanie, for putting this together. And I'm so glad I was invited. Thank you very much."

"Melanie, you pushed us out of our comfort zone, which is always nice, really digging in where let's look at the water companies from a different perspective that we just I never thought. I learned so much. I learned so much about the water companies, but also just about myself as a business owner. So thank you."


Lauren, diverse vendor, procurement workshop attendee

Tim McLaughlin

Water Industry - Training Cohort

Emilia DiMenco

WBENC Partner - books + packages

Staci Harwood

T-Mobile - Cohort Sponsor

"I have known Melanie for many years and have been impressed with all of the different projects she is constantly involved in. I have been particularly impressed with the programs she has created tailored to the Veteran business community."
Scott Vowels, PhD, 
Supplier Inclusion, Apple


“WE-Xcel [a GUIDED course] gave me the tools and the confidence to effectively market my skills for contracts with Fortune 500s and major corporations. Anyone who is serious about taking their business to the next level needs to take this course - it is a game-changer!” 
Stephanie Belton
The A-List Network, LLC
Melanie Taught This Course
“It would have been impossible for me to offer this cohort if I did not have the GUIDED Business Plan™ materials. One of our survey comments was ‘Best educational program I ever experienced. Very organized with valuable information that we could take action on. Loved it.’”
Entrepreneur Educator
Teaching A Government Contracting Cohort
Licensed a GUIDED curriculum
“The materials, the presentation, and especially the examples. It is extremely helpful to have examples that highlight the how and why the particular "fill in the blank" is worth thinking about. The presenter [Melanie] was OUTSTANDING; clear, well organized, delightful, and brought in diverse perspectives.”
Mirette Seireg

“I found the SWOT Compass to be incredibly valuable. I appreciate that Melanie took a standard analysis and built upon it substantially with real business questions and concerns to consider."
TaChelle Lawson
Fig Firm
“Every session, I have been incredibly impressed by the quality presentation, the outstanding facilitation and CWA member participation. This has been so helpful!”
Scott Kuethen
Amtec Human Capital
Attended water industry course
“Melanie, is so knowledgeable and such a patient and articulate presenter.”

Kathie Tetreault
Saddleback Surveys, Inc.
Attended workshop for business continuity
"Melanie had high energy and engagement for 3 straight hours...AMAZING!" Wendi 
Wendi Brown
iSupportYou, LLC
"Melanie is an outstanding facilitator!"

Tracy Porter
Premiere Solutions &  NFL Alumni
Attended water industry course
“This is the BEST working meeting EVER!” 
Pamela Isom
ICE Solutions
Attend corporate contracting course
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Melanie Rae

Corporate procurement teams hire Melanie directly and sponsor GUIDED Business Plan to train diverse suppliers in their supply chain from start-up to scaling to supplier to reach their goals faster.

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Melanie Rae

Corporate procurement teams hire Melanie directly and sponsor GUIDED Business Plan to train diverse suppliers in their supply chain. From start-up to scaling to supplier to reach their goals faster.
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Melanie Rae

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Facilitator + Guide


Angela Mayeda

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Braidley Acuma

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Rain Luque

Strategy + Outreach

Business Development

Claudella Constanza

Educators + Outreach (Spanish)

Business Development

Getting out to meet entrepreneurs across the country...

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